Affiliated Partial Funded Fellowships Master's Program

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Affiliated Partial Funded Fellowships Master's Program

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers approximately 50 Affiliated Fellowships each year to meritorious students for full-time study and/or research leading to a graduate degree. Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence, with applications open to current and prospective full-time UBC graduate students regardless of citizenship or visa status. Fellowship values range from $175 to $16,000.


Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements:

1. Academic Standing: Students with a minimum first class standing in each of the last two years of full-time study are eligible to apply. GPA is calculated using all courses taken in a given year. For UBC courses, first class standing is 80% and higher. At other universities, first class standing is determined from marking keys that accompany transcripts. For transcripts that are not accompanied by marking keys, applicants should consult with their UBC graduate program staff.

2. Citizenship: All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are required to apply for Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's (CGS M) (or doctoral funding from CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC), if they are eligible to do so.

3. Fields of Study: Students in all fields of graduate study may apply. However, students must be enrolled in, have applied for, or will apply for full-time admission to an eligible graduate program. All eligible graduate program must have a significant research component. A significant research component is considered to be original, autonomous research that leads to the completion of a thesis, major research project, dissertation, scholarly publication, performance, recital and/or exhibit that is merit/expert-reviewed at the institutional level as a requirement for completion of the program.

4. Program of Study: Master’s programs that are based only on course work are typically not eligible since they do not include a significant research component. Several examples are listed (but not limited to) below:

  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Master of Management.
  • Master of Engineering (in Faculty of Applied Science).
  • Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs.
  • Doctor of Pharmacy.

Months of Graduate Funding

Master’s-Level Funding:

To be eligible, applicants must have completed, as of December 31, 2018, between zero and 12 months of full-time (or full-time equivalent) graduate-level studies.

Please note that:

  • all previous studies at the graduate level, regardless of institution and discipline, will be included in determining eligibility*
  • successful applicants for Master's-level funding who plan to hold that funding as a Master's student will not receive funding past the end of their 24th month of Master's-level study.
  • successful applicants for Master's-level funding who plan to hold that funding as a doctoral student will receive a funding offer restricted to a maximum of 12 months, and they will not be considered for doctoral-level funding such as a Killam Doctoral Scholarship.
  • Students who will have completed more than 12 months of graduate-level studies by December 31, 2018 must apply to the doctoral-level funding competition.
  • All previous months of master's will be counted in assessing eligibility, except in cases where the previous master’s study was required by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies as a basis of admission to the applicant's UBC graduate program. This exception may affect a small number of students from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Philippines. This exception does not apply in cases where the previous master’s study was required by the applicant’s graduate program, but not by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Nomination Procedures:

Applications for Master's-Level Funding:

Graduate programs review and rank the applications they receive, and forward their top applicants to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies:

  • Adjudication Procedures: affiliated Fellowships are adjudicated at both departmental and university levels. Rankings reached at each of these levels are independent, thus applicants' rankings at the departmental level may be different from their rankings at the university level.
  • Department Ranking: graduate programs conduct their own internal Affiliated Fellowships review process, after which they recommend only their highest ranked candidates to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • University-Wide Ranking: the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies co-ordinates the university-wide ranking which is carried out by six sub-committees comprising faculty members representing various disciplines.

Note: Students who are eligible for the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) (such as Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada) are required to apply for CGS M. Students who submit a CGS M application to UBC are also considered for Affiliated Fellowship funding, and do not need to submit a separate Affiliated Fellowship application.

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