Competition for Artists in Freedom of Expression and Censorship in the Modern Age and €2,500 Prize

Competition for Artists in Freedom of Expression and Censorship in the Modern Age and €2,500 Prize

عبر الإنترنت 31 déc. 2019
Smash the Narrative

Smash the Narrative

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31 déc. 2019
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Smash the Narrative offers an opportunity to participate in the art competition titled "You Can't Paint it!" to talk about freedom of expression and censorship in the modern age.

Competition Theme:

This year's theme is titled “You can’t paint that!“. The topic is taboo and censorship. This is an important issue at the moment with governments, educational institutions and big tech companies taking it upon themselves to decide which ideas can and can’t be discussed. This project would like to encourage artists to think about what it feels like to be told they should avoid expressing certain ideas or alternatively the necessity of limiting creative and intellectual expression to avoid causing offense. Examples; What went wrong with the internet that seemed like it was ushering in a new era of free expression, but now huge corporations control what can and can’t be said and one “incorrect” sentence to a friend online can make you lose your job or even go to prison? What are the taboos in your family that need to be broken? Do some marginalized communities face such hardship that they require special protection from criticism and ridicule?


  • Everyone can apply to the exhibition who is able to deliver art to the exhibition to Amsterdam (if selected and invited) and attend to the opening of the exhibition (or to have a representative there). Works must be delivered by hand. International courier deliveries will not be accepted.
  • Almost all types of art can take part in the art prize (including painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, installation, photo excluding performance and video art).
  • Paintings should take up total wall space no greater than 3m x 3m. Please be aware that the venue is upstairs and very larger sculptures may be inappropriate.
  • The year of the artwork creation has to be not earlier than 2017, but we encourage artists to create new pieces for the prize.
  • Information provided by the artist in the application (information about the artist, work description, contact information) will be used for communication (presentation online and in the documentation).
  • By applying, artists agree that they can deliver their art to the exhibition in Amsterdam and be present at the opening event of the exhibition.
  • The completed application form will only be accepted if the artist abides by these terms. The application will be considered for selection only if it is filled properly and artwork photo is attached.
  • The quality of the photo for the application has to be 1000×1000 px minimum, more than 72 dpi (upload via form – please encode as jpg)
  • The art must be delivered to the gallery ready to hang. All additional stands and hanging elements on the back of the painting have to be provided by the artist.

Judging Criteria:

The prize will be judged by a panel consisting of James Flames (sponsor) and Julia Filament (artist & organizer). The following criteria will be used to judge the works:

  • Relevance to theme
  • Originality
  • Thought-provoking nature


  • 1st prize €2,500 cash
  • 2nd prize €1,000 cash
  • 3rd prize (audience choice) €500 art materials

Top 25 submissions will be displayed in a month-long gallery show in NSDM Fuse Gallery, Amsterdam in Spring 2020.

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