A 1,000 Scholarship for Lovers of Final Fantasy Games 2019
Final Fantasy

A 1,000 Scholarship for Lovers of Final Fantasy Games 2019

Royaume-Uni 15 déc. 2019


فاينل فانتسي (Final Fantasy) هي سلسلة ألعاب فيديو من إنتاج سكوير إينكس. أصدر الجزء الأول في عام 1987 لجهاز نينتندو إنترتينمنت سيستم وقد كان من أقدم ألعاب تقمّص الأدوار. تعد سلسلة فاينل فانتيسي رابع أكث
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15 déc. 2019
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The Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship is a highly competitive award for high school and college students who enjoy the Final Fantasy game franchise. You have invested many hours in the world of Final Fantasy, and now you have the opportunity for Final Fantasy to invest in your world.

Scholarship Value:

This is a $1,000 Scholarship, and is awarded on December 15th of Each year.


  1. It is open to students studying in any field, as long as you are a passionate Final Fantasy gamer. 
  2. You must be attending any level of college next calendar year.
  3. Writing an essay:
    - Students applying must submit a brief essay explaining their relationship with Final Fantasy games and how it has made them a better student.
    - In 5 paragraphs or less, you should share whatever you think will help us understand your appreciation for Final Fantasy games and how it has made you a better student or person overall.
    - Include any lessons you have learned in any specific games, and the impact that they have had on your life.
    -  It's simple, it's open-ended, and what we are looking for is your raw passion for gaming and being the best student, leader, and person you can be!
  4.  The criteria to win is the quality of your essay in communicating your love for Final Fantasy and personal growth!

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