Paper Art Competition and a Chance to Win Cash Prize of 4,000 Swiss Franc 2020

Paper Art Competition and a Chance to Win Cash Prize of 4,000 Swiss Franc 2020

Musée de Charmey

Musée de Charmey

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15 nov. 2019
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The Musée de Charmey invites all artists who use paper to create works of art to participate in the 10th International Paper Triennial competition for 2019. The International Paper Triennial is a juried art exhibition open to artists using paper to create works of art, whereby the substance is transformed and is not used merely as support or vehicle.

Participation Terms:

  1. Artists may submit up to three works for consideration by the jury. 
  2. Three-dimensional works must be less than one cubic meter. Two-dimensional works must be less than one square meter. 
  3. The maximum height and/or width must not exceed two meters. 
  4. There is no lower limit. 
  5. A series of works, such as a diptych or triptych, may be considered as a single work provided that their dimensions conform to the specifications stipulated above.
  6. All submitted works must be recent, i.e. the date from 2017 to 2019.
  7. By submitting the registration pack, the applicant accepts the rules stated herein.
  8. The decisions of the jury regarding the works that will go forward to the 10th International Paper Triennial are final. Artists will be personally informed of the jury’s decision either by post or by email before 15 January 2020.
  9. The works selected to go forward to the 9th International Paper Triennial must reach the Musée de Charmey no later than 6 April 2020. 
  10. The dispatch of the works to the Musée de Charmey and their return will be at the artist’s expense (transport and insurance costs). 
  11. The artists may, at their convenience, bring and collect their works, or have them sent and retrieved by a third party. 
  12. The works dispatched to the Museum must correspond to those selected by the jury. If not, the artist may be eliminated from the competition and excluded from the exhibition. The jury alone may take such a decision. The decision of the jury is final.

To register, the artist must complete and submit the duly completed online or paper registration form, and provide the following documentation for each work in French, German or English (maximum three A4 pages):

  1. Cover page, including number/code given on the registration form (the name of the artist must not appear on any registration document).
  2. High-definition photographs of the work.
  3. Title of the work.
  4. Size of the work in centimeters (metric system only).
  5. Date when the work was created.
  6. Description of the techniques and material used.
  7. Thematic outline of the work (maximum 10 lines).


The International Paper Triennial has three prizes, as well as an award,  voted for by the public:

  1. First prize 4,000 Swiss francs
  2. Second prize 2,000 Swiss francs 
  3. Third prize 1,000 Swiss francs 
  4. Audience prize 500 Swiss francs

It will then fall to the jury to choose which works will be exhibited at the Musée de Charmey as part of the 10th International Paper Triennial, to be held from 26 April to 4 October 2020.

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