Job Opportunity to Work as a Talabat Account Manager in UAE

Job Opportunity to Work as a Talabat Account Manager in UAE

Émirats arabes unis 23 oct. 2019
Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero

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23 oct. 2019
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Delivery hero announces a new job opportunity at talabat to work as Account Manager in Abu Dhabi to develop its business by maintaining long-term relationships with their restaurants' partners. You will work on the design of menus, advertising, sales generated from advertising, renegotiating and improving transportation routes as well as managing other special accounts. You will be responsible for dealing with 250 restaurants in your area. This position is a full-time job which new graduates can apply for. The required languages are English and Urdu.


To be considered for this position you need to have:

  1. Results-oriented skill and sales are driven.
  2. A prior experience in sales and business development is a plus.
  3. Basic Analytical skills.
  4. Effective communicator with a sales persona.
  5. Strong work ethics and organizational values.
  6. You to have a skill of goal setting, organizing, time management, problem-solving as well as multitasking skill.

Your Responsibilities: 

If you are accepted at this job you will be responsible for:

  • Conduct business reviews with accounts and Identify business opportunities and business relationships which result in the achievement of increased revenue, profitability and market share.
  • Maintaining a continuous business relationship with clients/ restaurants.
  • Providing excellent service and support in order to build a strong relationship and resolving operational issues between clients/ restaurant and company.
  • Making sure that the menus of the clients are up to date at all times.
  • Optimizing the restaurant content like MOA and Delivery time.
  • Order generation from existing accounts.
  • Commission rate renegotiation through Building new commercial relationships by renewing the existing contacts by renegotiating the offer.
  • Generating food coupons, promotions & Vouchers from existing restaurants.
  • Convince Clients/restaurants for Brand Promotion of Talabat pictures.
  • Transmission Method Optimization by convincing client/restaurant to implement track order feature and changing the transmission method to WLA.
  • Convince the restaurant to go for Digitalization (Backlinks, Splash pages, White-label, Facebook button).
  • Encourage restaurants to subscribe to the online payment gateway.
  • Re coordination with the stopped restaurant.
  • Coordinate with the restaurant, if a restaurant is live or active on the Talabat website, checking and resolve the reason viz-shutdown, stopped delivery. 
  • Maintain accurate records of all sales and prospecting activities including
  1. Closed Sales.
  2. Follow-up Activities.
  3. Sales Expense Report.
  4. Increased sales report after placing promotion, voucher & Coupons.
  5. Restaurant Analysis Sheet.
  6. Account Management Report.

About Delivery Hero:

Delivery Hero and its headquarters are located in Berlin, boasting over 1,000 employees in HQ alone. Diversity is a key pillar for its success. Employees with over 80 nationalities across 5 continents work for the company, enabling it to exchange best practice from markets from each corner of the world.

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