Mentor Arabia short film competition for the Arab youth

Mentor Arabia short film competition for the Arab youth

Allemagne 30 oct. 2019
Mentor Arabia

Mentor Arabia

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30 oct. 2019
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Mentor Arabia organization invites all the innovative young people all over the Arab World to participate in the narrative-short film competition held this year. The competition aims to encourage the young Arab talents to develop short films about the importance of social work for the development of the society, protecting the children and the youth from the bad behaviors, increasing the awareness about the society protection issues in addition to shedding light on the important role of art in the effective issues of the society. The elite of the most brilliant artists, novelists, and directors all over the Arab world will lead the arbitration committee for this competition.

Participation Conditions:

  1. The participant should be between 17 and 27 years or be a student in the faculty of Cinematic, directing or performing Arts or be an amateur of this type of art.
  2. The film idea should discuss a social issue related to health status and the protection from dangerous behaviors and try to find a solution for such issues.
  3. The film has to be innovative with good quality.
  4. The film duration is between 1 and 10 minutes.
  5. The film type should be Cinematographic: storytelling, documentary or animation.
  6. The English subtitles should be added to the film.

The Goals of the Competition:

  1. Enhancing the abilities and skills of young people and encouraging them to participate in the fields of social and developmental work and protection from possible social threats.
  2. Encouraging the young amateurs of film production to choose art as a method to express their ideas about life health issues and the protection from dangerous behaviors.
  3. Developing the initiative, focusing on the importance of humane work and social responsibility for the youth and encouraging them to excel and exhibit a good quality performance.

Evaluation Standards:

  1. The content and idea.
  2. Innovation and creativity.
  3. Styles and techniques.
  4. The general impression.

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