Bachelor Scholarships in USA at Clark University

Bachelor Scholarships in USA at Clark University

États-Unis 15 nov. 2019
Clark University

Clark University

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Clark University is offering a scholarship for international high school students by allowing them to take their undergraduate education in it and helping them to pay for the cost of this undergraduate education. Scholarships are offered by Clark University and many other organizations.

Eligibility and Conditions:

  1. You must be an international student applying to your first year of undergraduate study at Clark University.
  2. You need to show good academic results and other activities.
  3. Your eligibility for scholarships depends on your academic achievement (those indicated on your application for admission), not on your family need. However, international students who may qualify for scholarships are still expected to demonstrate the ability to cover a significant percentage of the cost of their education.
  4. The value of the scholarship depends on its type. There are 5 different Scholarships you can apply for:-
  • Richard Traina Scholarship.
  • Robert Goddard Scholarship.
  • Jonas Clark Scholarship.
  • Presidential LEEP Scholarship.
  • Global Scholars Scholarship.


  • For the Global Scholars Program, you will receive a scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 per year. If your financial need is greater than the amount of the Global Scholars award, you may be eligible for up to an additional $5,000 in need-based financial aid.
  • For more information about the values of the other 4 scholarships, click here.

Application Process:

  • When you send in your admissions application, you will be considered automatically for several merit scholarships. The Presidential LEEP Scholarship and Global Scholars Program Scholarship require separate applications; however, the rest of the merit scholarships do not.
  • To apply for the Presidential LEEP Scholarship , simply check that option when you fill out the Common Application below.
  • You’ll then receive detailed information — including the topics of the two short essays — on how to apply for the scholarship. The final deadline for submitting the essays is Feb. 1 for Early Action, Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates.
  • Students will be notified in March if they have been selected for an interview.
  • To apply for the Global Scholars Program Scholarship, simply check that option when you fill out the Common Application below.
  • You’ll then receive detailed information — including the topic of the short essay — on how to apply for the scholarship. The deadline for submitting the essay is Nov. 15 for Early Action and Early Decision, and Feb. 1 for Regular Decision candidates. 
  • For more information on the program, please visit the International Students and Scholars Office.

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