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     of the Jordanian parliament is an association first of its kind
    considered in the Middle East region and the world, was established in
    2013 to serve as a link between the parliament and the general public
    and to monitor the performance of the House of Representatives and the
    government and the involvement of youth and women in public affairs, and
     organized a publicity ceremony sponsored by House Speaker Abdul Hadi
    Majali and the presence of more than 150 parliamentary figure, ministers, intellectuals and national figures and young men and women And it has set up hundreds of political and parliamentary activities and
    Aalajtmaih, cultural and informational and training etc mention the most
     important organization of three national conferences with the broad
    participation in the Kingdom and was carrying the Royal vision for the
    future of the youth and the woman's name has lectured considered eminent
     personalities, as well as the declaration of Balqa First 2014, which
    included reforms and national ones systems demanding
     constitutional amendments and the law of modern elections and prevent
    the appointment and in the municipalities and union teachers ... etc.
    and made a series of seminars, lectures and Almnadharat, exhibitions,
    training courses and the formation of youth committees and women systems
     was founded magazine Journal of friends parliament and due to public
    discontent with the performance of parliament and outputs and charges
    for governments to weaken the House of Representatives the limit of the Association's activities. in 2015, and with the legislation of a new election law was re-established in Amman, the capital, to be close to the parliament and is able to reach bothprovinces were its goals and objectives are as follows First: Elections: promote the principles of fai

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