Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development

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Organisation à but non lucratif Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development, a non-profit Jordanian organization established by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs and activist youth who are taking action in civil society, political empowerment and rights education.

Hikaya center seeks to empower the individuals of the Jordanian society and to build youth’s skills as well as engaging them in the political situation, thus our center believes in the civil society values such as justice, equality, freedom, democracy, dialogue, the acceptance of others and the rule of law.

We also play a role in collecting youth energies to invest it and to find alternatives and initiatives to reach a comprehensive reform respecting citizenship and qualifications through a participatory and consensualapproach. Also strengthening the concepts of democracy, human rights and sustainable development. Our center calls for equality and advocate against racismalso we look to manage conflicts without violence and to promote transparency, good governance and social accountability concepts.

We aim to strengthen the general awareness about child issues through implementing special programs, workshops, TOT’s in various felids related to child and teens issues. And to be the voice of children among the society.

Vision: Creative, sturdy and acting youth. Democratic, versed and complete society.

Website: http://hikayacenter.org/

Phone: 0096265680999

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