KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship

KPMG Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship

Algérie 19 févr. 2030


Organisation à but non lucratif, Parcourir ses opportunités similaires


Organisation à but non lucratif
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Date limite
19 févr. 2030
Niveau d'études
Type d'opportunité
Financement d'opportunité
Non financé
Pays éligibles
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Toutes les régions

The KPMG Data Analytics Virtual Internship is designed to help you gain a practical insight into the work we do at KPMG and it is an opportunity for you to build your career skills and experience. In this online program, you will get to complete similar work that our Graduates do at KPMG. You will learn what it is like working at one of the world’s best data analytics team, and build skills required to excel as a analytics consultant.


  • Enrol in the KPMG Virtual Internship: It is free to sign-up and complete this online program
  • Start a module in a core practice area: The modules each contain a project for you to complete
  • Get video instructions from KPMG supervisor: Each task comes with video instructions from a KPMG employee
  • Complete task & upload work to platform: Each task replicates the type of work KPMG’s graduates do
  • Compare your work with KPMG model answers: View real work examples from the KPMG team to learn from

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