Melaninwhitecoats Podcast Annual Scholarship

Melaninwhitecoats Podcast Annual Scholarship



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26 Jun 2022
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In professional healthcare spaces across the country, there’s a lack of diverse representation from people of underrepresented backgrounds. To combat the world’s toughest public health issues, we need all voices from all backgrounds to be represented in these professional spaces toward a common goal of health.

This problem in underrepresentation is also a quality of care issue as doctors are more likely to evaluate Black patients’ pain as less than that of white patients with the same symptoms. Numerous studies show that patients of color feel less safe with doctors than White patients, and also see improved health outcomes when they see Black doctors.

Medical professionals dedicate their lives to public service and providing for local communities through their practice, but many prospective professionals in medicine don’t have the opportunity to graduate with a degree debt-free, especially those from underserved communities. 

To support the dreams of prospective underrepresented medical professionals and to bolster public health, the Melaninwhitecoats Podcast Annual Scholarship exists. This scholarship is open to high school seniors, undergraduate juniors and seniors, and students currently in graduate school who intend to have a career as an MD, DO, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy career. The winner will receive a mentor in his or her field of interest.

Year in HS (if applicable): Senior (2022)

Year in College (if applicable): Junior or Senior (2023 or 2022)

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