Fully Funded Doctoral Scholarships in Canada from Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation 2020

Fully Funded Doctoral Scholarships in Canada from Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation 2020

Canada 22 janv. 2020
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is offering fully-funded Doctoral Scholarships in Canada for those who are hungry to play a leadership role in their communities. The Foundation’s three-year program aims to train Engaged Leaders, in order to build the capacity for academics to make their research accessible beyond academia, to partner and work with a diversity of actors across society, and to help address some of the most pressing domestic and global issues of direct relevance for the future of Canada. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. You must be already accepted into or in year one, two, or three of a full-time doctoral program in the humanities or social sciences (broadly defined).  
  2. Your doctoral work must relate to at least one of the Foundation’s four central themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.
  3. Canadian citizens are eligible whether they are at a Canadian or an international institution.
  4. Non-Canadians (permanent residents or foreign nationals) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution are eligible.


  1. Academic excellence.
  2. Thematic relevance of doctoral research to the Foundation’s central themes.
  3. Community engagement.
  4. Leadership experience and abilities. 
  5. Originality and audacity.
  6. Communication skills and a desire to contribute to public dialogue and knowledge dissemination.
  7. Interest for the scientific theme of the 2020-2023 cycle: Technology and ethics. You do not have to have expertise on this topic, but you must be willing to engage with this theme as part of the foundation's leadership training program.

Program Activities:

  • Year 1: Institutes of Engaged Leadership:
    • During the first year of their term, Scholars must attend the Institutes Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation of Engaged Leadership in locations across Canada and the world. One part of each Institute is led by the Foundation’s Fellows, leaders in research and teaching. The other part is led by the Foundation’s Mentors, leaders, and innovators from across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Through the Institutes, Scholars are exposed to ideas and experiences that they are less likely to encounter in a university context, and are empowered to develop new social, emotional and behavioral competencies.
    • Scholars will attend a community retreat in Moncton, New Brunswick, from June 17th to June 19th, 2020 and two Institutes of Engaged Leadership during the first year of their term. The first Institute will take place in Montreal, Quebec, in November 2020. The second Institute will be in Helsinki (Finland) in March 2021.
  • Year two: Impact Conference: Building on the experience and leadership training received in year one, Scholars collectively organize a public conference during their second year, to share knowledge with the general public and foster community dialogue. They receive guidance and support from Fellows and Mentors. The organization of this conference provides an opportunity for Scholars to enhance their leadership abilities through collaboration with others.
  • Year three: Creative Project: In the third and final year of the program, Scholars develop together a creative project that can take many forms, from the publication of a book to a theatre production or a fundraising gala. The objectives are to collectively showcase the knowledge acquired through their Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation experience and to stimulate public reflection and dialogue on key societal issues. In doing so, Scholars experiment with unconventional practices of knowledge dissemination and public engagement.


Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars receive:

  1. Membership in a vibrant community of Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines and sectors.
  2. Leadership training from our Mentors and Fellows.
  3. Up to $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses.
  4. Up to $20,000 per year for three years, as a research and travel allowance.

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