Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for Arab Female Students from Daughters for Life

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for Arab Female Students from Daughters for Life

Canada 17 janv. 2020
Daughters for Life

Daughters for Life

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17 janv. 2020
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Daughters for Life Foundation in Canada offers full undergraduate and graduate scholarships for young women in the Middle East in almost any program of their choosing. Since its inception, it has established a number of academic partnerships with 20 leading universities throughout North America, Europe and beyond.

Eligible Candidates:

  1. Female citizens and residents of one of the following countries in the Middle East: Palestine, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon.
  2. In financial need.
  3. Enjoying Compassion, Creativity, and Perseverance.
  4. Committed to returning to the home country once studies are complete.
  5. Achieving success despite adversity and hardship.
  6. Making an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of girls and women through work and volunteering at school and in the community.
  7. Reaching significant academic grades (minimum of 75%).
  8. Having a strong command of English that meets the academic institution’s requirement.
  9. Applying for more than one university of DFL partners, and receiving an offer of admission to a program from one or more of our Daughters for Life Academic Partners.

Supporting Documents:

  1. School/college /university transcripts.
  2. CV.
  3. English proficiency test proof.
  4. A Financial Needs Analysis.
  5.  Two references (one academic, one community-based).

About Daughters for Life:

Established in 2010, the Daughters for Life Foundation creates accessible education opportunities for young women from the Middle East and helps them become strong, well-informed women that are able to speak up and change their communities and the face of the world.

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