PhD Scholarship in Corporate Governance Covering Tuition Fees from BI Norwegian Business School 2020
BI Norwegian Business School

PhD Scholarship in Corporate Governance Covering Tuition Fees from BI Norwegian Business School 2020

Norvège 01 févr. 2020


كلية الأعمال النرويجية هي جامعة مستقلة غير ربحية، وهي المزود الرئيسي للمعرفة القائمة على الأبحاث في تخصصات إدارة الأعمال في النرويج.
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01 févr. 2020
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The Centre for Corporate Governance Research (CCGR) at the Department of Finance at BI Norwegian Business School is inviting applications for a doctoral scholarship in corporate governance, start date August 2020. The PhD specialization in Finance prepares candidates for careers in the world’s leading academic institutions, research-oriented international and national organizations, and the industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Eligible applicants must have completed a Master of Science degree with thesis work, a Research Masters/M.Phil degree, or a comparable degree relevant for the specialization in Finance by the time the program starts in early autumn of 2020, with a grade point average of B or higher. An MBA degree does not fulfill the requirements for admission.
  2. GRE General/GMAT test score: scores for the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing sections of the GRE General or GMAT are needed to consider your application. Incomplete sections or partial scores are not sufficient to consider your application.
  3. Applicants must have a minimum TOEFL score of 575 (written test)/233 (computer-based test)/90 (internet-based test) or an IELTS score of 6.5. In some cases, applicants can request a waiver from TOEFL/IELTS by submitting a waiver form together with the application. As a general rule, exemptions are made for applicants:
    • whose native language is English
    • who have two years or more of higher education where the language of instruction was English.
    • from a country which is a member of the EU/EEA and/or the Council of Europe/UNESCO-Cepes who have English as the first foreign language taken over a period of at least 7 years in primary school, secondary school, and upper secondary education.


The four-year scholarship is set according to the Norwegian State Salary Scale and currently pays NOK 494,900,- annually. (will be adjusted during 2020).

There are 3 different ways of funding your PhD at BI:

There are no tuition fees in the PhD program at BI. However, in order to have an application to the PhD program at BI considered, you need to have funding. It is not possible to self-fund a PhD at BI.

  1. Open scholarship (funded by BI): These scholarships are announced once a year, from November to January. The scholarships are open which means that your PhD will not be linked to a specific project but must fit it under one of the six specializations offered by BI. A member of the academic faculty must share your research interests to be able to supervise you. A supervisor will be appointed for you if you are admitted to the program.
  2. Scholarship linked to a research project: These scholarships are announced from time to time. Your PhD research and dissertation will have to be closely linked to the research project. You are usually not required to find a supervisor before applying. You are encouraged to contact the faculty involved in the project if you are interested in applying. Each project will belong to one of the six specializations at BI. In some cases, the project can be linked to more than one specialization.
  3. Industrial PhD: It is a doctoral degree that is carried out in cooperation between BI and business and industry. An industrial PhD has the same requirements for educational background for admission and is also considered a full-time program.

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