Competition for iPhone and iPad Photographer and the Chance to Win Gold Prizes

Competition for iPhone and iPad Photographer and the Chance to Win Gold Prizes


تعد جوائز التصوير الفوتوغرافي المعروفة باسم ™ (IPPAWARDS) مسابقة التصوير الفوتوغرافي لهواتف ال iPhone الأولى والأطول منذ عام 2007. تحتفل IPPAWARDS بإبداع مستخدمي هواتف iPhone منذ أن قام iPhone بإلهام
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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
31 mars 2020
Niveau d'études
Pays éligibles
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

IPPAWARDS opens its door to receive entries worldwide from photographers using an iPhone or iPad. 


  • Photos should not be published previously anywhere. 
  • The posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are eligible for the competition
  • The photos should not be altered in any image processing program such as Photoshop. It is OK to use any IOS apps.
  • The use of any iPhone is permissible.
  • iPhone add-on lenses can be used. In some cases, you may be asked to send the original image for the competition to verify that it’s taken with an iPhone, iPad. The photos that can not be verified are disqualified.
  • The submissions must be in the original size or not smaller than 1000 pixels in either height or width.
  • The categories of the competition are abstract, animals, architecture, children, floral, landscape, lifestyle, nature, news and events, panorama, people, portrait, series (3 images), still life, sunset, travel, trees, other.
  • The entry fees for 1 image is $3.50, 3 images is $9.50, 5 images is $15.50, 10 images is $29.50, 15 images is $45.50, 20 images is $57.00, 25 images is $65.50. 
  • There are no limits in the number of entries however it's recommended that you only submit your best ones.
  • Entries will not be returned. Only winning entries will be kept on file for promotional purposes. IPPAWARDS will not be responsible for any damaged or lost submissions.
  • Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer.
  • All winners will be announced online eight to twelve weeks after the final submission deadline. Only top winners in each category will be notified before the official announcement.


  1. All photographers compete for the 4 IPPAWARDS Photographers of the Year which are a grand prize, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  2. Top prizes: All entries compete for the prestigious IPPA Photographer of the year award title, and the top 3 winners will receive a prize to be announced later.
  3. 18 gold bars: The 1st place winner of the 18 categories will win a gold bar from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world.
  4. 18 platinum bars: The 2nd and 3rd place winners of the 18 categories will win a palladium bar from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world.
  5. The work of the top winner and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners on each category will be publicized on IPPAWARDS online gallery and any published IPPAWARDS materials.
  6. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from each category will receive an IPPAWARDS certificate.
  7. IPPAWARDS judges will award several honorable mentions to entries to acknowledge talent as they deem fit.
  8. Members of the jury will review all entries and judge images on the basis of artistic merit, originality, subject, and style and ultimately decide the winners.


iPhone Photography Awards™ (IPPAWARDS) is the first and the longest-running iPhone photography competition since 2007. IPPAWARDS has been celebrating the creativity of the iPhone users since the first iPhone has inspired, excited and engaged the users worldwide. Since then every year, IPPAWARDS has selected the best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from 140+ countries around the world.

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