Grants from JOinUP Fund for Social Enterprises in Jordan 2020

Date limite : 29 févr. 2020

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Grants from JOinUP Fund for Social Enterprises in Jordan 2020

JOinUP Fund is offering grants to support their sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives in Jordan, as social enterprises are essentially businesses that use innovative and creative solutions to solve society’s most challenging issues – be they social, cultural, environmental or otherwise. The difference between them and any other typical business venture is that social enterprises are driven and focused on their social impact more than they are their profit margins.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant is a registered entity in Jordan (or if not, will be legally registered before signing of potential contracts in May 2020.).
  2. The proposed project (which funding is being applied for) is implemented in the country and relevant to the national context.
  3. The proposed project focuses on growing and scaling up the entity.
  4. The applicant is not in any way involved in activities such as arms, tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries, registered in so-called tax-havens, or involved in; environmental or human rights abuses or corruption.
  5. The applicant commits and can contribute partial funding for the proposed project by providing in-kind and cash contribution **more detail below.
  6. Successful applicants’ can implement their projects within 10 months of signing contracts in May 2020.

Assessment Criteria:

Applicants can expect to be evaluated based on the following for the Concept Note phase:

  1. Social/environmental intervention of the SE (50%): type of intervention, Vision, strategy and estimated impact potential.
  2. Feasibility and relevance of proposal (50%): Clarity of project proposed, relevant to JOinUP! Expected return on grant outcomes, estimated feasibility of the project in 10 months.

Applicants can expect to be evaluated based on the following for the Full Application phase:

  1. Activities and goals your social enterprise: (30%)
  2. Sustainability and viability of your social enterprise (20%)
  3. Measurable outcomes and impact (30%) 
  4. Competence of founder(s)/team (20%)

Technical Evaluation:

To include a pitching and Q&A session, as well as a potential site visit for shortlisted applicants.

What funding covers:

  1. Investments (machines or equipment or IT facilities needed to scale-up).
  2. Business and technical support services linked to social/environmental impact.
  3. Business development costs (test and/or launch new products and projects, market study for scaling-up, etc.).
  4. Visibility costs (brand design, promotional materials for the products and / or services).
  5. Redesigning the production process to become more social or environmentally friendly.
  6. Implementing fair trade models in the supply chain.
  7. Rent of office, working place, or (maximum 20% of requested funding amount).
  8. Value of registration costs and intellectual property rights. (maximum 30% of requested funding amount).
  9. Labor and staffing related directly to the proposed project (maximum 15% of the requested funding amount).
  10. Other Activities related to implementing the proposed project for funding.

What funding doesn't cover Include but not limited to:

  1. Purchasing of land or purchasing of existing buildings; leasing of equipment, land, and facilities; bank charges, cost of guarantees and similar charges.
  2. Costs of proposal development and feasibility study.

Benefits offered:

  1. 50 minimum social enterprises with a high potential for driving development will be chosen.
  2. 1,200,000 Euros: in total funding available. €10 000 to €40 000: grant ranges potentially available to successful applicants.
  3. Successful applicants can expect to receive equity and inclusion training, links with Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESO’s) as well as group mentoring and peer-to-peer learning.

About JoinUP:

JoinUP! is an EU-funded project, implemented by Oxfam (lead), TTi (Local partner) and Diesis (European Partner), JOinUP! seeks to ‘contribute to increasing economic and social inclusion and job creation especially for women and disadvantaged/marginalized groups in Jordan’ combining the experience and skillsets of national and international partners to focus on the growth of social enterprises and a more inclusive formal economy in Jordan.

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