Animation Competition at the Hiroshima Festival in Japan and a Chance to Win 1 Million Yen

Animation Competition at the Hiroshima Festival in Japan and a Chance to Win 1 Million Yen

Japon 01 avr. 2020
Hiroshima Festival

Hiroshima Festival

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01 avr. 2020
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Hiroshima Festival announces its new version of the festival which is administered under the endorsement of the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation / International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) in accordance with ASIFA regulations which is a non-profit organization consisting in the city of Hiroshima, the Hiroshima city culture foundation, ASIFA-Japan and other bodies specifically related to this festival.


The following qualifications are required for entry in the festival selection and official competition:

  1. The entry work shall be made "frame by frame", including computer graphics animation.
  2. Running time shall be within 30 minutes.
  3. As for screening format acceptable for selection, please see “For selection” in the submission of the entry work in entry procedure from here.
  4. As for screening format acceptable for official competition, please see “For official competition” in the submission of the entry work in entry procedure from here.
  5. Stereoscopic 3D is not acceptable.
  6. Copyrighted materials such as characters, scripts, music, etc., cannot be used in the entry work without the copyright owner's agreement. Failure to obtain such an agreement will result in the work being disqualified from the competition.
  7. Entries that were awarded prizes at other festivals are also eligible. In this case, a list of all awards and prizes received must be fully indicated in the entry form.
  8. As for the work with narration and/or dialogue, the script in PDF format shall be uploaded on the online entry form according to the instructions. The script file name shall be the English title of the work.
  9. No entry fee is required.
  10. For more information please read the regulations carefully.


The official prizes and cash awards

  • The grand prize is 1,000,000 Y.
  • Hiroshima's prize is 1,000,000 Y. 
  • Debut prize is 50O,OO0 Y. 
  • Renzo Kintishita's prize is 300,000 Y.
  • Audience prize is 1OO,OO0 Y (Audience Prize is chosen by audience voting.).
  • Other prizes and cash awards.

About Hiroshima International Animation Festival:

Hiroshima International Animation Festival is a biennial manifestation held in Hiroshima city in August, endorsed by Association Internationale du Film d'Animation (ASIFA). Under the spirit of love & peace, the festival has been dedicating to the advancement of visual media art culture in general, by promoting international cross-cultural exchanges through the development of animation art.

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