Poster Design Competition and the Chance to Win a Prize of €2500 from Posterheroes

Poster Design Competition and the Chance to Win a Prize of €2500 from Posterheroes


Posterheroes est un concours international sur la communication sociale qui appelle à poster 50 × 70 ou 70 × 100 sur des thèmes sociaux et environnementaux.
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13 mars 2020
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Posterheroes has announced the opening of the 9th edition of the posters design competition entitled "Human at Work". The current edition is about future work scenarios and the role of dignified employment in the lives of individuals and in the sustainable development of society.

The poster can include one of the following ideas:

  • What future scenarios open up in the relationship between human beings and work?
  • How to enhance the role of the human factor in human-machine interactions and strengthen social and professional ties through virtual interfaces?
  • How is the global labor market being reconfigured between new opportunities and essential rights?
  • How to globally reprogram workflows, resource supply, distribution of goods, while respecting the territories and workers, locally and internationally?
  • What daily and legislative actions should be implemented to support the fight against discrimination and abuse in workplaces and in community life?
  • Are freedom and self-realization becoming the key elements of our growth process?
  • What is the value of decent work in defending social justice?

Eligibility Criteria:

There are no restrictions concerning age, nationality or occupation; the Contest is open to all (illustrators, graphic designers, video makers, visual arts enthusiasts and students of all countries), with the exception of the Organizers, members of Associazione Culturale Plug, the selection panel and their family members, employees of Favini S.r.l., and anyone who has entered into a contract with any of the aforementioned Companies.

Terms and conditions of participation:

  • It is possible to participate in the Contest individually or in groups, by sending up to a maximum of three (3) entries. In the case of group participation, the members must appoint a group leader who will interface with the Organizers for all intents and purposes.
  • The form must be filled out in English; no other language will be accepted.
  • Failure to complete one of the mandatory fields indicated above will invalidate participation in the Contest.
  • Participation in the Contest is free of charge.


  • The international panel will select 40 winners from the posters uploaded on the competition's website.
  • The Organizers will select the winner of the cash prize of € 2,500 (to be shared among authors, in the case of group participation) among the forty (40) finalist posters, as chosen by the panel.
  • The winner of the cash prize will be invited to participate in the inauguration of the exhibition, to be held during the 5th edition of Graphic Days Torino (11 September - 4 October 2020).
  • Each of the forty (40) authors of the posters selected by the international panel of the Contest will receive by mail a copy of the Catalogue, designed by Associazione Culturale Plug and created by Favini.
  • Each of the twelve (12) authors of the posters selected for the realization of the Calendar will receive by mail a copy of the 2021 Calendar, designed by Associazione Culturale Plug and created by Favini.
  • The winning posters will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition set up during the 5th edition of Graphic Days Torino (11 September - 4 October 2020), as well as in future exhibitions organized by the Contest Organizers. The schedule will be announced on the Contest’s official communication channels.
  • The winning posters will be published on 
  • The Organizers reserve the right not to award the cash prize if no submission is worthy of such mention and recognition.

Technical Requirements for Submissions:

Files must comply with the following requirements (under penalty of exclusion from the Contest):

  • 70 x 100 cm vertical format.
  • Size: 300 dpi and max 10 MB.
  • JPG and/or PDF format - the best quality.
  • Color profile: CMYK.
  • Technique: free.
  • Submissions must not display any symbol or signature that may identify the work’s author.
  • Text added to a drawing must be in English; no other language will be accepted.

About Posterheroes:

Posterheroes is an international contest about social design and social communication asking the international creative community to express powerful messages through a poster 50×70 cm or 70×100 cm about social and environmental issues. The contest, created in 2010 by PLUG association, is open to everyone and aims to involve especially young people and international artists.

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