Fellowship for Postdoctoral Students from Pasteur Institute  in France
Pasteur Institute

Fellowship for Postdoctoral Students from Pasteur Institute in France

France 16 mars 2020


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16 mars 2020
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Pasteur Institute is offering a fellowship program to postdoctoral students. The fellowships program supports two-year research. These fellowships are dedicated to postdoctoral researchers aiming to conduct research projects in Institut Pasteur (IP) research entities on the Paris campus.


  1. The host IP research entity can only present one application per session.
  2. Postdocs already present on the Paris Campus are eligible to apply to the Pasteur-Roux fellowship program.
  3. Candidates of any nationality are eligible to apply.
  4. The Pasteur-Roux-Cantarini fellowships are only tenable in IP research entities on the Paris Campus.
  5. Candidates must have completed their PhD degree not more than six years before the date of application (i.e. before March 2014) or will do so prior to commencing fellowship (Thesis defense date schedulded). 
  6. In case of woman postdoc candidat, her maternity leave will provide her with one year of derogation per child.
  7. Unsuccessful applicants to a previous Pasteur-Roux or Pasteur-Cantarini fellowship call are eligible to re-apply. 
  8. Applicants who wish to do so can inform in advance hafida.fsihi@pasteur.fr to use the support letters from the previous session.
  9. Successful fellows of the Pasteur-Roux-Cantarini program must start their work in the host IP entity within 6 months after notification of the award (e.g. before October 2020).
  10. The proposed research program must be achievable within the two-year funding

Required Documents:

  1. Applicant information (updated CV, academic background, list of publications, summary of past research performed)
  2. Project proposal (summary and detailed description)
  3. Presentation letter from the host IP research entitity head
  4. Scanned copy of the candidate’s passport or ID (pages showing your photograph and your identification)
  5. Names of up to three references (mentors or advisors)

Selection Process:

  • A fellowship committee, who will consider 
  1. the candidate’s experience 
  2. scientific achievements
  3.  the novelty and biological significance of the proposed research project, will assess all eligible applications. 
  • The needs of the IP, including strategic priorities will be also taken into account in the final decision.

General Information:

  • Fellowships are for two years.
  • Funding is paid as a salary and covers health insurance and retirement.
  • Application deadline: March 16, 2020 (6:00 PM)
  • Anticipated announcement of decisions: early May 2020.
  • For more information, contact:  Hafida Fsihi (hafida.fsihi@pasteur.fr or bourses@pasteur.fr)

About Pasteur Institute:

The Pasteur Institute is a French non-profit private foundation dedicated to the study of biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines. It is named after Louis Pasteur, who made some of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine at the time, including pasteurization and vaccines for anthrax and rabies.

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