Financial Aid Student Loan in Qatari Universities from Qatar Foundation 2020

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Financial Aid Student Loan in Qatari Universities from Qatar Foundation 2020

Qatar Foundation offers a range of scholarships and need-based financial aid options for students. Qatar Foundation admissions are always need-blind and remain committed to attracting the best students from around the world, regardless of their financial needs. The foundation's loans are interest-free and include an option for repayment through working at one of hundreds of approved organizations in Qatar. Students at any of the universities in Education City have access to multiple sources of funding. These options can be availed individually or combined to supplement their financial needs.

QF Financial Aid:

A need-based, interest-free loan program that gives the student an equal opportunity to receive a quality university education. All students who have been accepted into one of the undergraduate programs in Education City and can demonstrate a financial need are eligible to apply.

Students can repay their loan after graduation either through repayment (as a percentage of their monthly income) or via paid service (by working for an approved organization for a predetermined period).


  • Must be an international student, whether residing in Qatar or applying from overseas.
  • Accepted to an undergraduate program at:

    1. Hamad Bin Khalifa University
    2. Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar
    3. Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
    4. Texas A&M University at Qatar
    5. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
    6. Georgetown University in Qatar
    7. Northwestern University in Qatar
  • Enrolled at one of the above mentioned universities.
  • Demonstrate a financial need.
  • Maintain an average GPA of 2.5 in case of being awarded.
  • Maintain the standards of conduct within the Education City community.
  • Have a responsible financial guarantor.

After being offered:

  • Accept the financial aid student loan award on the online system.
  • Submit two signed copies of the financial aid student loan contract to the QF Student Financial Services.
  • Upload a scanned copy of the contract to your account on the online system

Renewing a Loan:

  • Submit a new application each year between 1 February and 2 March, which will be subject to a re-evaluation process by QF Student Financial Services.
  • Maintain an average GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing during the entire period of university study.
  • Maintain the standards of conduct within the Education City community.
  • Meet with a QF Student Financial Services representative periodically.

Repayment of the Financial Aid Loan:

Repayment of the financial aid loan is due:

Prior to graduation: If the student has withdrawn or was dismissed from any university in Education City, the student and the legal guarantor during the study period should meet with financial aid repayment representative to sign a repayment plan for the awarded financial aid amount.

Six months after graduation date through:

  • Paid service: where student can repay the loan by working at one of the approved organizations by Qatar Foundation. The list is available upon request from QF Student Financial Services. Total required numbers of working years will depend on the total awarded loan.
  • Loan repayment: student will pay fifteen percent of his/her monthly basic salary, until the loan is fully settled.

About Qatar Foundation:

Qatar Foundation (QF) is a non-profit organization made up of more than 50 entities working in education, research, and community development. Qatar Foundation's unique ecosystem—supported by partnerships with leading international institutions—is built on initiatives that address it's most pressing challenges, create global opportunities, and empower people to shape our present and future.

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