Volunteer Online with UN: In Graphic Design Related to COVID-19 Response
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Volunteer Online with UN: In Graphic Design Related to COVID-19 Response


برنامج متطوعي الأمم المتحدة (UNV) هو منظمة تابعة للأمم المتحدة، تشجع التطوع لدعم السلام والتنمية في جميع أنحاء العالم. يسهم العمل التطوعي في تغيير سرعة وطبيعة التنمية ويعود بالفائدة على كلّ من المجتمع
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Organisation à but non lucratif
Date limite
10 juil. 2020
Niveau d'études
Type d'opportunité
Pays éligibles
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

UN Volunteers platform is offering an online volunteer opportunity to support the UNDP Finance Sector Hub by preparing graphic designs of two concept notes of a total of five pages to support conversations with donors, UNDP country offices and other key stakeholders. The Integrated COVID 19 Country Financing Dashboard concept (2 pages) This concept seek to ensure proper clarity and transparency on the financial flows that comes into a country. This means, ensuring that such flows – public, private, domestic and international – are integrated into one single platform/dashboard, so they can be allocated, spent and leveraged strategically to respond in a coherent and coordinated manner to the initial effects of COVID. Remittances in Africa - A Means to build back better towards the SDGs This proposal will enable efficient and low-cost mobilization of financing to support the COVID-19 response, while unlocking finance in support of the SDGs more broadly. With 90% of remittances being sent from countries that have reported three-quarters of the globe’s COVID-19 cases, the World Bank has estimated a historical decline in global remittances of US$110 billion and specifically for sub-Saharan Africa, a drop of 23.1% in 2020. 

Volunteer duration and working hours:

6-10 hours per week for overall two weeks. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Prior experience with graphic design and is expected to:
  1. Utilize their own computer and layout/design software
  2. Guarantee timely delivery of concept notes
  3. Work off-site and report/coordinate with UNDP on the layouts
  • After receiving the final text for the publication, the designer will:
  1. Submit the preliminary layouts for discussion with UNDP
  2. Revise the selected layout as discussed with UNDP 
  3. Ensure all corrections have been inserted 
  4. Ability to communicate in English.

Volunteer duties:

Provide graphic design of two project concepts of:

  • Enabling flow of remittances to support national COVID-19 priorities (three pages).
  • Establishing an SDG Dashboard of financial flows to support COVID-19 response (2 pages). 

About UN Volunteers:

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program contributes to sustainable human development through volunteerism worldwide.

Online volunteering allows organizations and volunteers to team up to address sustainable development challenges – anywhere in the world, from any device. Online volunteering is fast, easy – and most of all, effective.

Through the Online Volunteering service, UNV offers: 

  • A global platform for organizations and online volunteers to connect.
  • An easy-search database of online volunteering opportunities.
  • Tools to manage volunteers’ and organizations’ online collaboration.
  • Access to online volunteering experiences, best practices and lessons learned.
  • The possibility for volunteers and organizations to expand their networks.
  • The advantage of the universal reach and neutrality of the United Nations.

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