Research Scholarship for Students and Researchers in the Field of Food History from Allard Pierson in the Netherlands 2020

Research Scholarship for Students and Researchers in the Field of Food History from Allard Pierson in the Netherlands 2020

Allard Pierson

Allard Pierson

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15 août 2020
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The board of the Stichting Gastronomische Bibliotheek invites students and researchers to submit requests for the Professor J.M. van Winter Stipend 2020.

This scholarship supports the research of Dutch historian Allard Pierson on the study of food history at the University of Amsterdam. This research is intended to throw further light on a particular aspect of the history of food and drink.

The Stichting Gastronomische Bibliotheek was established in 1993 by Johannes van Dam, Joop Witteveen, and Bart Cuperus with the aim of preserving for future generations their private collections on the history of food.

With this stipend, the Stichting Gastronomische Bibliotheek aims to:

  • Commemorate the major contributions of Professor J.M. van Winter, emeritus professor of Medieval History at Utrecht University, to the study of the history of eating and drinking in the Middle Ages;
  • Encourage the use of the History of Food collection of the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students or researchers studying or working at a university in the Netherlands or abroad are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Value:

  • The scholarship amounts to €1,000 
  • The stipend is to be used as compensation for travel, accommodation, and research costs and must be fully spent within one year of allocation.


  • The announcement of the recipient of the Professor J.M. van Winter Stipend will take place during the Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food 2020 on Friday 13 November 2020. All applicants will be contacted before 13 October 2020.
  • The results of the research should be presented in writing in the form of a brief report. 
  • The researcher will be invited to give a short presentation of their research during the next Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food.

About Allard Pierson:

The Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. Artifacts from the ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria, and the Roman Empire are curated and exhibited in this museum. In the Allard Pierson, you will find exhibitions, guided tours, research and study, lectures, encounters with experts, meeting rooms, internships, activities for children, symposia, summer schools, readings, a museum café, and a shop. 

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