Virtual Education Technology Solution Design Competition to Win $ 6,500 from HeroX

Virtual Education Technology Solution Design Competition to Win $ 6,500 from HeroX



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Organisation à but non lucratif
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22 sept. 2020
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HeroX is inviting people who are passionate about distance education (also called remote or virtual learning) to participate in a global education unlocked challenge. The challenge is to unlock the power of education for everyone by using technology to create a step-change in learning outcomes. HeroX has established a Broad Learnings platform that provides free access to high-quality academic materials and personalized learning paths for students.

About the Competition:

Traditional education at the school level (K12) is beset with problems of access and resources, creating a gap that is daunting for most kids in the developing world and the underprivileged in developing countries. With this innovation contest, we hope to develop technology-based tools and solutions that can convert learning into an open resource to unlock the unique benefits only education can bring. Although mostly limited to higher education or skills retraining in technology-related subjects, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become ubiquitous. This competition covers the level (K12) and aims to develop ideas for new tools and methods based on the current rapid advancement of digital technology.

Competition Areas:

HeroX is launching this challenge to identify new ways to improve the virtual learning platform experience. HeroX wants to encourage the next generation of teachers, students, programmers, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and anyone passionate about education to help create new learning tools that benefit a large number of learners in a variety of settings.

Specifically, HeroX is interested in tools and solutions that use or enable one or more of the following:

  • Improved understanding of course material in terms of specific concepts, ideas, methods, relationships between concepts.
  • Improved skills in applying the understanding of course material to new situations.
  • Personalization of educational content or progress path through a course of study.
  • Efficient assessment of learning outcomes across clearly identified metrics.
  • Engaging learning system with interactive lessons, games, problem-solving exercises.
  • Virtual tutoring system in which the student learns by interactions with a computer-driven system through a natural language interface (voice or text).
  • Systems that promote learning through a virtual community of students.

Participation Conditions:

  • The idea or tool must be accompanied by a sketch or video demo.
  • The idea or tool must be accompanied by a user interface demo.
  • Preference will be given to entries that provide steps of their methods through flow charts, pseudo-code, or detailed description.
  • The competition is interested in practical solutions that will be feasible within current political and social setups. 
  • Preference will be given to entries that will be viable with widely-available levels of technology infrastructure. 
  • Solutions must have a viable path to implementation.
  • Qualifying solutions be such that they can be prototyped in six months.
  • The competition recommends using tools, such as Figma and Balsamiq, to sketch out the ideas for submission.
  • The competition is looking for technology-based solutions, not proposals for policy changes in education.
  • Any intellectual property within the winning entries to this contest will be owned by the challenge sponsor.

Selection Criteria:

  • Impact: The solution can potentially change how students fundamentally learn today.
  • Innovation: Novelty or creativeness of the approach used; the solution is an improvement over state-of-art technology or best practices.
  • Implementation: Viability of implementation with currently available technology; Likeliness/feasibility of idea to be prototyped within 6 months of conception.
  • Ease of Use: The proposed concept is easy to use and understand.
  • Quality of submission: Proposal and explanation are concise and clear with proper highlights of how it should work, including the capture and use of data.


The winner will receive $6,500.

About HeroX:

HeroX is the platform for funded prizes for groundbreaking challenges. HeroX exists to enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to create a challenge that addresses any problem or opportunity, build a community around that challenge and activate the circumstances that can lead to breakthrough innovation.

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