Internship in Finland in IT and Web Design from Erasmus Intern

Internship in Finland in IT and Web Design from Erasmus Intern

Finlande 30 oct. 2020
Erasmus Intern

Erasmus Intern

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30 oct. 2020
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Erasmus Intern is offering an exceptional full-time internship opportunity as an IT, Web Developer and Web Designer to join the team in Helsinki, Finland for 4 months in 2020.


  1. The intern will be in a group with a team leader with advanced IT skills to perform a new website project (including Android/mobile versions). 
  2. Upload unlimited amount of  scientific journals and articles, volumes, issues, years (long term, unlimited amount, non-restricted non-limited time etc. The site must have large and unlimited space or memory).
  3. Upload unlimited amounts of articles, journals.
  4. Easy way to admin to handle.
  5. Login system, with possibility for the admin to keep the site open access from time to time, when needed), to give access to  remove access etc.
  6. Insert/add in the website server several IP address of  libraries or institutes subscribers. The IP issue is a crucial part as well.
  7. Security system to protect the whole  website (including front end and back end).
  8. Easy to navigate shopping or online payments, online forms, featured images on the home page, Mobile or IPad/Android  version is needed- additional information or input or idea.
  9. Invite some teachers, friend network  or IT people (web developers / web designers)  with advanced level to join this project or to assist you during the work.


Languages: English (Proficient User C2).

Level of Studies: Master.


  1. Web developer, security, hacker, design, indexing, Math, statistics, IT, computer, web designer, computer, programmer, html, website, technology, Web developer, database, information, C++, Software Technology, Database Management System, Software Engine.
  2. Data Communication and Computer Networks, Design and Analysis of Algorithms which have helped gain knowledge in areas such as JAVA, MySQL, C, C++, C#, CSS, Networking, HTML, PHP and WordPress, Python, JAVA, Android Application Development, LINUX, MYSQL., Vİ.

About Erasmus Intern:

Erasmus Intern is part of STORY project which is a project by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is a non-profit international student organisation which mission is to represent international students by providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN has more than 13.000 members in local sections all over Europe working on a volunteer base together with Higher Education Institutions and offering services to 180.000 students per year.

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