Writing Competition with Perito Short Fiction Prize and Cash Prize up to £500

Date limite : 01 oct. 2020

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Writing Competition with Perito Short Fiction Prize and Cash Prize up to £500

The Perito Prize has launched 2020 edition, as it will be awarded to outstanding new short fiction of between 1000 and up to 2000 words. The Prize was created to get people thinking in different ways about inclusive environments, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and inclusive design!

For some people this conjures up thoughts of wheelchairs, hearing aids, and guide dogs, but we see the simple concept that all people should be able to contribute, participate, engage and have access to the world we all live in. Issues with access to spaces, social exclusion, lack of opportunity and different experiences can happen to anyone at any time - whether social, environmental, technological, physical, mobility impairment or injury, mental health, or less visible neuro-cognitive conditions.

We think there are so many great stories out there to celebrate the diverse world we live in. We want to hear them and share them so both our writers and readers start to try and think, analyse and design for inclusive environments in absolutely every we do.

Prize rules:

  1. Firstly, don’t start worrying about whether what you're going to do is right or good enough. Save that sort of stuff for later. What we are primarily interested in is understanding what inclusive environments, accessibility and inclusive design means to you.
  2. Spelling and grammar isn’t as important as the story and the way you tell it.
  3. You’re going to bring your story to life us by writing it down, making an audio recording (a mini audio book) or let us know if you would like to use some other way to tell your story. It will need to comply with the rules of entry.
  4. It has to be of your own creation and make sure it hasn’t been published anywhere before.
  5. Your story must be told in English and include a written transcript to show it meets the word count limits.
  6. Competition is open to everyone, there is no location, age specification so this includes international writers too.
  7. No swear nor writing anything with potentially offensive content.
  8.  The piece of work must incorporate the themes of the Perito Prize.
  9. Please send the story to us on commonly used file formats via the contact form below unless already agreed. This will make it much easier for judging.
  10. All submissions must be previously unpublished, and you confirm that Perito Ltd has rights and permission to publish the story and details of the story on our Website, Anthology and Perito’s social media channels.  

Themes for stories:

  1. A story about the benefits of social inclusion.
  2. A story about the damage of exclusion whether economic, accessibility, environmental, social, money, friendships, cultural etc…
  3. A story that shares the experiences of the characters in a novel way so that readers get a new found understanding of the issues facing people.
  4. How distant future technology plays a role.
  5. How near future technology and innovation might develop.
  6. Why neuro-diversity is important to everyone.
  7. What accessibility or inclusion might have been like in your favourite historical time period.
  8. Language, communication and symbols both now and in the future.
  9. A story about an event that impacted on your story’s protagonist.
  10. How you feel about the themes at this moment in time.

Prizes offered:

  • First Prize is a cash prize of £500 and the story will be uploaded to the Perito Prize section of the Perito Ltd website. You should be OK with participating in the Anthology and ideally with the podcasting and other items on the Perito website and social media and other related promotional activities.
  • Second and Third Prize is a special mention and the stories uploaded to the Perito Prize section of the Perito Ltd website as well as inclusion into the Anthology and the option to participate in the podcast/readings and other social media.
  • The Perito Prize Anthology is a printed and published collection of the best stories from each year. The book will be available to buy from Amazon (published via KDP at the moment) and all profits will be donated to an access and inclusion charity highlighted on the blog section of the website each year. If you would not like to be published in the Anthology please let us know when you submit your story. We do not require exclusive publishing rights - this book is meant to be fun and rewarding for all not a hassle!

About The Perito Prize:

The Perito Prize is an international, annual, short fiction competition run by Perito Ltd.

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