Astrophotography Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Astrophotography Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Algérie 02 juil. 2022


Organisation à but non lucratif, Parcourir ses opportunités similaires


Organisation à but non lucratif
Pays hôte
Date limite
02 juil. 2022
Type d'opportunité
Financement d'opportunité
Non financé
Pays éligibles
Cette opportunité est destiné à tous les pays
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

Photocrowd is launching a photo contest, on the theme of "Astrophotography", as each and everyone interested in creative photography is invited to take part in this contest.

It’s tripods and manual mode at the ready, as we point our cameras to the heavens and photograph the night sky. Astrophotography tends to involve a decision on whether to go for a long exposure and shoot dynamic star trails, or a shorter exposure and show off the glory of the Milky Way. Both approaches require a lot of patience, and trial and error, but when mastered produce some of the most impressive images you’ll see.

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