Competition for Designers from Pharmathek and a Chance to Win a Prize of 4,400

Competition for Designers from Pharmathek and a Chance to Win a Prize of 4,400

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Pharmathek and Desall invite you to rethink about graphic interface and user experience of the application dedicated to their warehouse systems.


For the correct realization of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

  1. Graphic interface: the new graphic interface shall address aspects related to usability and ease of use, accordingly you are invited to reorganize and rationalize the screens and the elements there included, keeping into consideration the functions the operator needs to perform on the device. 
  2. Main functions: the graphic interface you propose shall be able to offer an intuitive and easy to use experience, organised in various screens that may enable the operator to perform all the functions offered by the system. For more information on the functions and on the current status of the interface, please see the following videos: video 1 , video 2 and video 3.
  3. Style: you are invited to develop a new graphic interface with a minimal and modern style, preferring clean and simple lines, suggesting a timeless design, able to always remain relevant throughout the years.
  4. Colors: you are free to use the palettes and the colors you prefer, based on your project idea, always keeping into consideration the minimal and modern style that shall characterize your proposal.
  5. Logo: include the Pharmathek logo inside the various screens, even if in a discreet way.
  6. Target: the graphic interface will be used inside the pharmacies by pharmacists, sales-people or warehouse workers, during back-office operations not in direct contact with the public.
  7. Values to convey: your graphic interface shall fully reflect the values of the Pharmathek brand, always committed to offering highly technological solutions, while giving maximum importance to aspects related to the usability of their products.
  8. Note: Participation in this competition is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older. Participants can present one or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “User Interface Competition” will be accepted.

Evaluation Criteria: 

in the evaluation of your submissions Pharmathek will take into account the following criteria:
Functionality/usability (5/5).
Technical feasibility (5/5).
Aesthetic versatility (5/5).
Degree of innovation for graphics and UX (5/5).
Interface communication effectiveness (5/5).


The selection of the winner by Pharmathek will take into account originality and feasibility presented. If you win, you will receive 4400 $.

About Pharmathek:

Pharmathek is a company that designs, produces and installs robotic storage systems for pharmacies. Born within the Th.Kohl Group, a company with a century-old experience in the pharmacy sector, since its foundation (in 2007) the company has worked to offer its customers increasingly innovative and high-performance solutions, able to respond better and better to the needs of the contemporary pharmacy. Among the values behind Pharmathek solutions there are efficiency, speed and reliability. But even before that, flexibility which enables the Pharmathek robotic storage systems to be configured according to the needs of the individual company. This is why Pharmathek customers include not only pharmacies but also hospital pharmacies and medicine wholesalers.

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