Cash Prizes up to 7.500 in Writing Competition

Cash Prizes up to 7.500 in Writing Competition

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Ahead of its software launching, is hosting a writing competition in 4 fiction categories: Short-story, novelette, novella, and novel. This competition is a way for to launch its service and allow authors to try it out while still in beta mode. The main target of this software is to connect authors with readers to get ratings, engagement analytics, and early feedback on their fiction works.  


Writers from around the world may apply, but they must be 18 years or older, and own the rights to the work they are submitting. 

  1. No entrance fees needed.
  2. Writers can submit as many times as they like, as long as each submission is a distinct piece of work.
  3. Submission of already-published is permitted.
  4. Competition doesn’t accept fanfiction or other derivative work unless the entrant himself owns the rights to the original story.
  5. All submissions have to be in US English.
  6. Specifications of submissions:
  7. Short-story: Must be under 7.500 words.
  8. Novelette: Must range from 7.500 to 17.499 words.
  9. Novella: Must range from 17.500 to 39.999 words.
  10. Novel: Must be at least 40.000 words.

Winners Selection:

Judging process works the same way platform does, rather than using a team of editors to decide, readers on mobile reading app will do this job. Platform measures the following metrics and shares them with writers:

  1. Impressions: The number of matched readers saw the title and description.
  2. Opens: The number of readers who opened a given piece and began reading.
  3. Completions: The number of readers who finished reading.
  4. Ratings: Star rating out of 5.

And depending on choose, completion, and rating rates, winners will be determined.


The total value of prizes is $7,500, the writing in each category with the highest score will win the prize for that category, as follows:

  1. The short-story winner gets $1.000.
  2. Novelette winner gets $1.500.
  3. Novella winner gets $2.000.
  4. Novel winner $3.000.

In the rare instance that more than one piece of work achieves the highest score, prize money will be split equally.

About was launched in 2019 with the dream of supporting authors at all stages of their writing careers. In its first phase, is a platform that helps authors get feedback on their writing by connecting them to beta readers. This is regarded as an important last step before sending work off to agents and publishers. The next phase is to launch premium, a digital collection of some of the best works, every author included in its premium library is paid, either with pre-payment upfront (in cases of buying reprint rights to already published work), or by profit-sharing based on page views (in cases where the work passed through In both cases authors won’t have to pay any expenses.

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