Top 5 best online training courses for digital marketers

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Top 5 best online training courses for digital marketers

digital marketing certification: -Coursera, -Udemy, -Google certifications, -SEMrush, -Hootsuite, -Youtube

Top 5 best online training courses for digital marketers

Digital marketing is nowadays one of the tops searched skills in the job market. Learning digital marketing increases your chance to get hired quickly. However, you need to take different factors when planning to study digital marketing. You have to choose which course to enrol, how to prove your qualifications if you already have an experience in the field, in case you planning to get a certification which one is better, and many other questions. 

So, first of all, I will answer the first question, Where to find online courses in digital marketing: 

Coursera: is an online platform providing different courses from top universities in the world. You can between choose between a wide range of courses. You can learn a lot of skills related to digital marketing, and at the end of the online course if you pass the quiz you get a certificate. I think Coursera is a good online platform to see study courses at top universities worldwide. 

Udemy: offers as well a wide range of course in digital marketing, you definitely have to carefully choose a course because anyone could upload a course on Udemy, and course quality may not meet your expectations. Moreover, I don’t think that the certificate you get on Udemy is useful or you can put on your CV.  It is more about learning a new skill. I honestly found much useless content lacking pedagogy or serious content. 

Google certifications: Google offers different certification, for example, Google Ads certifications, or google analytics certification, taking part in these certifications is free, and most of the certifications are well known and you can put them in your CV. I’m personally got google garage certification, and I found it very useful. It goes through all you need to start an online business or work as a digital marketer. 

SEMrush: is a great tool for Digital marketer to build an online presence and to promote your product, it offers keyword search, market research and helps your online store or website to index fast. 

Hootsuite: is as well a good tool for managing social media channel, and offers different certification for higher visibility on social media. 

Youtube: Youtube offers as well as courses related to video content creation and how to use youtube different tools and different strategies to create a successful content on youtube.

Which one is better: 

Well, it depends on your objective if you need to learn new skills all websites are useful and provide the needed skills to start a career in digital marketing.  However, if you need a certificate to put in your CV I would suggest google certifications, they are very recognised. 

How to prepare for the certification exam: 

Certification requires preparation in order to pass. For preparing well to the exam and understand different kind of questions you can have a look at yzyadwords they offer a wide range of digital marketing preparation materials 

This I suppose will save you a lot of time and help get the certification fast. 


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