How to keep a proper study environment at school and university:

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How to keep a proper study environment at school and university:


How to keep a proper study environment at school and university:


Studies require focus and concentration. As a school or university manager, you have definitely take into consideration different factors like aeration, air-conditioning, lightening, canteen, entertainment activities.

Studying conditions are really important to improve student results and performance at school.

Entertainment activates: Some subjects like mathematics, physics or science requires a lot of attention and focus. Most of the time, these subjects cover an important part of student schedule compared to other subjects. Student get bored fast and creating entertainment activities during break or creating ergonomic classrooms also helps. Entertainment is really important whether the simple that requires small space or other that requires more lace and investment to put it in place.

Ergonomic seats: Classrooms should be equipped with good quality chairs, so students can seat for long while keeping their backs in good health. This is really important for your school to think about such small details. Spend more money on furniture at your school. Try to equip your school with high-quality furniture. Also, your school must look beautiful, try to have a modern design and refer to an interior design company to design a nice looking classroom. Comfortable seats keep your students focused during classes. Think as well as a relaxing room with a saloon or a sofa. This seems a bit different and unique but most students like to lay down between courses and during breaks or after launch break for example to rest and relax.

Air quality: air quality is also important, you need it for better ideas, remove dust, keep classroom well-aerated areas and open space. You can ask an Air Duct Cleaning & Disinfection company to clean the duct and disinfect rooms.  Air duct cleaning reduces air conditioner problems and breakdown and increases its performance.


Bright lights: Always opt for white lights; they are more comfortable for long study hours. I definitely avoid other colours like yellow. It is not proper for classrooms. Make sure that there is many windows, sunlight is much better and keeps you a student in a good mood.


Gaming area: Well you may say gaming is a waste of time, but nowadays student are playing daily online games like PUBG on their Smartphone, so as school director you probably should add such activity to your school, this will make the student love their school more, spend more time there, instead of spending time doing nothing or you may offer this option to students. I remember when I was a student there was very fewer entertainment activities, so I prefer to stay at home rather than going to school. You need to have the same or better level of entertainment in a school.

A small park: students should find an open area or a park when they can relax or sit with friends and forget about studies for a while. That’s really important if you would like your students to enjoy staying at school. Student can do extra activities in park-like gardening.

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