Job Opportunity at World Health Organization in Egypt: Technical Officer 2020
World Health Organization

Job Opportunity at World Health Organization in Egypt: Technical Officer 2020

Egypte 29 juin 2020


تهدف المنظمة إلى بناء مستقبل أفضل وأوفر صحة للناس في أنحاء العالم كافة. ويعمل موظفو المنظمة من خلال المكاتب الموجودة في أكثر من 150 بلداً جنباً إلى جنب مع الحكومات والشركاء الآخرين لضمان تمتع جميع الناس
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29 juin 2020
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The World Health Organization (WHO) is looking for a qualified Technical Officer to join the team and work full-time in its offices in Cairo, Egypt for 2020. 


  1. Provide technical leadership, guidance and expert advice related to the surveillance, detection and response to High Threat Pathogen diseases of epidemic and pandemic potentials that are specific to the Region.
  2. Develop evidence-informed manuals, guidance, norms and standards for prevention and control of high threat pathogen diseases that are specific to the Region.
  3. Establish partnerships to facilitate data analysis, epidemic intelligence, epidemic forecasting and knowledge sharing.
  4. Monitor the risk of High Threat Pathogens, ensure quality of the information received from the field and inform timely senior management so that the Organization can get prepared for any change in the situation.
  5. Collaborate with the transfer of knowledge team to develop user-friendly materials for risk communication and training. Establish strong collaborations with other teams/departments at WHO and other partner agencies to cover the various aspects of the public health response to outbreaks.
  6. Support and advise WHO Country Offices on the development and implementation of strategic plans to establish and strengthen national response to outbreaks from high threat pathogens.
  7. Provide technical support for establishing appropriate surveillance system for early detection, containment and response to emerging and other high threat pathogens; Develop plans to improve/enhance surveillance capacities for event detection, verification and response.
  8. Provide support to the countries for development and implementation of appropriate policies and programmes for prevention and control of emerging diseases including those from high threat pathogens.
  9. Assist the countries to develop public health preparedness plans for high threat pathogens including for Pandemic Human Influenza.
  10. Act as the technical lead in the incident management structure and establish strong collaborations with other teams/departments at WHO and other partner agencies to cover the various aspects of the public health response to outbreaks of high threat pathogens.
  11. Perform other related duties including replacing and backstopping as required.

Required qualifications:


Essential: University degree in Medicine or other science related field, with Master Degree in Public Health. 

Desirable: Training on epidemiological, surveillance and response/outbreak investigation/field epidemiology.


Essential:  At least 7years experience at national and international level, working on the control and prevention of infectious diseases including on epidemic diseases and networking with clinicians. Proven experience in managing finances, budgets and staff and clear proof of responsibility for management of work plan activities.

Desirable: Proven primary responsibility for managing cross-cutting initiatives involving different departments or organizational entities in a multinational context such as the UN, WHO or similar.


  1. Knowledge on epidemiology of infectious diseases.
  2. Proven understanding of the management of acute and urgent public health responses, including infectious disease outbreaks.
  3. Experience in outbreak investigation and management.
  4. Proven experience in management (finances, budgets and staff) and clear proof of responsibility for management of work plan activities.
  5. Demonstrated effectiveness in building sustained partnerships and working with others in international settings.
  6. Capacity to work on cross-sectoral projects.
  7. Teamwork.
  8. Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences.
  9. Communication.
  10. Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond.
  11. Producing results.


Essential: Expert knowledge of English.

Desirable: Intermediate knowledge of Arabic.


The remuneration for the above position comprises an annual base salary starting at USD 73,516 (subject to mandatory deductions for pension contributions and health insurance, as applicable), a variable post adjustment, which reflects the cost of living in a particular duty station, and currently amounts to USD 1801 per month for the duty station indicated above. Other benefits include 30 days of annual leave, allowances for dependent family members, home leave, and an education grant for dependent children.

About World Health Organization:

The organization's goal is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. Working through offices in more than 150 countries, WHO staff work side by side with governments and other partners to ensure the highest attainable level of health for all people. They strive to combat diseases; infectious diseases like influenza and HIV and non-communicable ones like cancer and heart disease. They also help mothers and children survive and thrive so they can look forward to a healthy old age, and ensure the safety of the air people breathe, the food they eat, the water they drink, and the medicines and vaccines they need.

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