Job Opportunity in Jordan at IREX: Communication and Marketing Advisor 2020

Date limite : 15 juil. 2020

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Job Opportunity in Jordan at IREX: Communication and Marketing Advisor 2020

IREX is looking for a qualified Communications and Marketing Advisor to join the team and work for 15 months in Amman, Jordan. The Advisor will be working for the USAID-funded project, Pre-Service Teacher Education in Jordan (PRESTIJ). Working with stakeholders including the Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA). Under the supervision of the PRESTIJ Education Policy and Planning Manager, the Communications and Marketing Advisor will be embedded within the Ministry of Education (MoE) and work closely with Government of Jordan(GoJ) stakeholders to design, plan, implement, and measure impact of a national marketing campaign to raisethe perceived social status of the teaching profession, including specific approaches targeting male teachers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Developing a Nationwide Campaign Strategy and Action Plan to outline campaign goals, activities, responsible parties, related partnerships, financial resource needs, and a procurement plan outlining purchasing responsibilities between GoJ and IREX. 
  2. Providing technical assistance to build the MoE’s communications capacity for measuring public perceptions, and designing, implementing and sustaining public campaigns. 
  3. Using data from a national Public Perceptions of Teaching survey to inform development of campaign strategy and messages. 
  4. Collaborating with the team and partners to develop key campaign messages on the importance of teachers and include specific messages targeting prospective male candidates.  
  5. Contributing to a public launch event for PRESTIJ, which will bring together influential stakeholders; identify reform champions in GoJ, at universities, and in organizations such as the Teachers’ Union. 
  6. Testing and refining key campaign messages. 
  7. Advising on the creation of relevant materials to engage, educate, and inspire the public. 
  8. Executing the first Nationwide Campaign, to include an appropriate mix of tactics, such as social media, television ads, radio airtime, billboards, and cultural events in accordance with the findings from the perception survey, focus groups, and subsequent message testing and ongoing campaign results. 
  9. For local campaigns, helping to link directorate-level community networks that coordinate with the MoE on community outreach activities.  
  10. Coaching MoE staff to measure how the public currently views teachers and to determine whether or not the campaigns are effective in changing public perceptions. 
  11. Measuring and comparing perception changes in communities targeted locally versus Jordan as a whole. 
  12. Providing support as needed to engage the private sector: e.g. branded loan products for teachers from banks; telecoms may honor teachers on scratch cards; and businesses offering teacher discounts. 
  13. Developing/providing training and materials that equip the MoE to identify and allocate resources effectively and sustain its own campaigns in future years and beyond the life of the PRESTIJ project. 
  14. Other duties as assigned.

Required Abilities and Experience:

  1. Jordanian residency/work authorization is required.  
  2. Demonstrated skills and at least 8 years of relevant professional experience in public relations, public education, and/or media campaigns. 
  3. Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), preferably in Public Relations, Marketing, Communications, Public Policy, or other relevant field.  
  4. Experience developing and leading results-driven campaign strategies that leverage a range of marketing media and tactics, e.g. social media, TV, radio, billboard, community events. 
  5. Skills and a track record for measuring perception change and whether campaign messages/activities are achieving intended results; the ability to adapt the campaign approach if current approach is not achieving targeted results. 
  6. Experience advising teams in the public sector, private sector, and/or in donor funded projects in at least one project of similar complexity. 
  7. Proven experience as a program or project manager with effective planning and delegation skills. 
  8. Excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills with proven ability to build cooperation, resolve problems, manage projects, and/or implement appropriate solutions. 
  9. Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with all stakeholder groups, including the IREX team, GoJ stakeholders, universities, members of the community, etc. 
  10. Must demonstrate an excellent track record of achieving results in building capacity and performance for running results-based public awareness/media campaigns. 
  11. Strong, self-directed project management with attention to detail and reliability in meeting deadlines. 
  12. Commitment to gender equity in Jordan. 
  13. Fluency in Arabic and English required, including strong writing skills.   

Preferred Abilities and Experience:

  1. Minimum of 8 years of relevant professional experience in nationwide public relations and/or media campaigns. Experience working in this capacity with the education sector is an advantage. 
  2. Experience working on campaigns that target public awareness and aim to shift public perceptions is an advantage, particularly if those campaigns achieved measurable results. 
  3. Experience working directly with the Government of Jordan is preferred. 
  4. Knowledge of the education landscape in Jordan is an advantage. 

About IREX:

IREX is an international, nonprofit organization that specializes in global education and development. They focus on people, not on vaccines, roads, or wells. They support individuals and institutions to create change in their own communities—and to create person-to-person bridges between nations. IREX works in more than 100 countries on issues such as education, leadership, information, and youth.

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