Job Opportunity in Jordan: Tax Manager at Hikma 2020

Job Opportunity in Jordan: Tax Manager at Hikma 2020

Jordanie 21 sept. 2020
Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC

Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC

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21 sept. 2020
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Hikma is looking for a qualified Tax Manager to join the team and work in Amman, Jordan for 2020. 


Central local tax provision and compliance function:

  1. The Tax Manager will work with the various tax team members as part of the central tax provision and compliance function to prepare the local tax provisions of certain jurisdictions. The Tax Manager will also ensure local compliance for direct and indirect taxes.
  2. Understanding the local tax rules necessary to the preparation of the Group’s tax provision in accordance with IFRS’ accounting standards on an annual basis (e.g. IAS 12).
  3. Working with the Senior Tax Managers and external advisors to research ad-hoc tax matters.
  4. The calculation of the local provisions and ETR for certain jurisdictions within the Group in collaboration with the Local Finance teams and external advisors where necessary.
  5. Assisting in implementing the Group’s tax strategy

Group’s tax provisions and forecasts:

  1. The Group reports its financial results under IFRS. The Manager will be working with the Senior Tax Manager on the preparation of the tax provision for the Group starting from compiling and analyzing the local tax provisions, preparation of tax accounting entries on a Group-level and the final consolidation to arrive at the Group’s Effective Tax Rate (“ETR”).
  2. Working with the Group Senior Tax Manager, oversee the preparation of the Group’s tax provision in accordance with IFRS’ accounting standards on an annual basis (e.g. IAS 12).
  3. Analysis and management of locally booked deferred taxes and analysis. Assisting the Senior Tax Manager in the analysis and booking of deferred taxes on a Group-level including those in relation to the Provision for Unrealized Profit on stock on hand from intercompany transactions, intangible asset book-tax basis differences, fair value adjustments, etc. Analyzing the income tax provision (tax payables) and deferred tax assets and liabilities on the balance sheet to ensure the correct booking with the netting off of assets and liabilities only when appropriate.
  4. Assist in the preparation and analysis of Uncertain Tax Provisions (“UTP”) held locally and centrally under IFRIC 23.
  5. Preparing the calculation of the tax impact of exceptional items to arrive at the Group’s core ETR in addition to the reported ETR.
  6. Using the existing tax provision software (Onesource Tax Provision (“OTP”) for local provisions and consolidation purposes of actual results and forecasts.
  7. Working with the Group Senior Tax Manager, Tax Director and Head of Tax on the preparation of the Group’s annual report including the consolidated results and disclosures.
  8. Working on the preparation of the Group’s tax budgeting models to arrive at the Group’s ETR reported to Hikma’s board
  9. Understanding and applying the local forecasted ETR to the local entities’ mid-year actual PBT for interim reporting in accordance with IAS 34.
  10. Preparing monthly reports to track the actual ETR in comparison with the forecasts.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.
  2. Qualification such as Chartered Tax Advisor and IFRS certification is a plus.
  3. Experience in tax accounting of 5 years or above.
  4. Experience with Onesource Tax Provision is preferable. 
  5. Strong technical tax experience.
  6. Excellent communication skills to deal with technical tax experts and internal stakeholders with a limited tax background.

About Hikma:

The company was founded on the dedication to transforming people’s lives by providing the quality medicine and support they need every day. More than forty years ago, Hikma company established their branded generic medicines business in the Middle East and North Africa. From these humble beginnings, they have grown into a $2bn global pharmaceuticals business.

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